A Waiter’s Life
More about the servitude of living life than living life in servitude.

Beneficent’s Blog
Just another place where someone thoughtful is sharing what he thinks.

Bill Proctor’s Life Story
What every blogger should be doing: sharing something to read on the Web.

Blackjack Blogger
This writer publishers short articles explaining basic Blackjack principles for beginners.

Bogo Blogo Blog
A blog that wraps up several topics almost tightly in some way.

Byzantine Glory
A better way to shape one’s thought than through conquest.

Cancer Directory
Well, it’s a place to start if you need to know anything.

Don Jeffries Blog
Don is a guy who has an opinion to share and he is sharing it here.

Fleet of Islands
A very curious blog that asks some probing questions.

Gerald Pinkman
Another wonderful little place on the Web for people looking to escape from it all.

Herman Smith
A blog about or by or from Herman Smith, a man with a distinctive name,

Home Job Ideas
Memorably not the only place where you can find this stuff but worth a look anyway.

London For Less
Or less is more when you have more than the less served.

Marco Jones
A delight to see that Marco has found his voice on the Web already.

My Year of New
A personal insight journal from a happy little blogger.

No Wine Snobs
A blog with attitude that puts it out there.

Philosophy and Radical Change
A somewhat tepid attempt to document how thought is influenced by philosophy.

Science Headlines Blog
Maybe it’s about science and maybe it’s about something else. Check it out!

Switching to Diet
A reasonable attempt to publish a few random thoughts about everything.

The Business Life Blog
The only blog of its kind except for all the others just like it.

The Flying Buttress
Another blog with a few articles that cover topics like architecture and more.

The Linky Blogger
Another great blog that covers a lot of good topics.

Surviving Dating
One blogger’s take on the world of online dating and meeting new people.

Veggie Hero
The Veggie Hero blog shares insights you may not find anywhere else.

Zanyish: The Best Blog Ever
Small blog with big articles. Should keep you reading for an hour or so.

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