More Obscure Sites

Battery Guide
The Battery Guide Website tells you just about everything you could possibly ever want to know about batteries … and more.

Cities of Australia
Small Website publishing essays on some of Australia’s larger cities.

GeoStatics Articles
Articles on various topics that don’t fit in well with other Websites.

Holdem Headlines
A blog with articles about poker, history, and related things that may be interesting.

MALQ Resources
Resources page for MALQ on the Net.

MMDI Enterprises
Website for MMDI Enterprises web property management service.

Maverick Waves
A photo essay about Half Moon Bay and the Maverick waves that draw the best surfers in the world.

Organized Thought
An eclectic look at simple matters of the universe and travel in Asia.

Records Background
The original Records Background Website is back online with new content and a new design.

Records Background on Twitter
The official Twitter account for the Records Background blog.

Science and Fiction Aggregate
Website that contains or includes texts about science and fiction.

Sing America Archive
Archive of topics and references to music, singing, and America.

Assuming one has an interest in these topics, this may be a pretty good Website.

The Part Three Archive
An archive separate from the first two archives in that it only provides a third part of the entire collection.

The Square Journal
A journal filled with articles about mysterious space industries.

There Is Another Bridge Across This River Tonight
An eclectic group of pages that organize a broad selection of links to interesting articles across the Web.

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