Privacy Policy

This Website is supported by advertising and the advertising networks may set cookies in your browser.  A cookie is like a small note the browser makes for itself to help it remember where it has been on a Website.  The cookie may store a unique identifier set by the Website or advertising network.  Advertising networks may use their cookies to follow you around the Web and to determine what kinds of ads to show you.

You have the legal right to opt out of the interest based advertising that the networks show you but they will still serve random ads.  You may feel a little less creeped out by the interest based advertising now that you know what it is.  You can opt out of interest based ads on the Google network by following the instructions on this page.

No advertisers share any information with me.  I don’t know where you come from, where you go, and what you look at, except when you visit this Website.  Your visit here is recorded in a simple text file called a “server log”.  That file is purged every month (or more often) by the hosting company.

You do not need to register to browse this site.  I do not solicit your email address or any other private information from you.

Any changes to the practices on this site that affect your privacy will be noted on this page.